December 07, 2008

Weekend Update

So tired after the working week is over. Tried the gym on Thursday. My throat acted up again. It is a perpetual nightmare. One week feeling almost ok. Going to the gym. Back to feeling sick again. Been like this since April. Weird and ANNOYING!
Going to bed early.

Waking up with a headache, probably migrain, coming on. Trying regular headache pills. Nope. Migrain pills. Helps somewhat. S getting up early - I stay in bed finishing a book by Tess Gerritsen. Can't remember the name right now.. And it is in the car - taking it back to the library on Monday. Getting up, breakfast and then a nice shower. S going off to pick up son from hospital. Starting on the "musts of the day": Vacuum one floor of the house. Cleaning the bathroom. Ironing Christmas curtains and putting them up. Only in the kitchen. I'm not much of a decorator. Ironing some Christmas tablecloths and putting them on my kitchen table, as well as in the livingroom. Finished! At least until closer to Christmas. Doing some laundry, hanging it, then folding a previous load... S fixing dinner - YAY!! Fish. Omega 3. Good for you. Pretty good to eat too! We eat it with a shrimp sause and pasta. Doing the dishes. Crashing in front of the TV for the remainder of the evening. A couple of fun movies, makes us laugh.

S getting up early AGAIN!!! Sigh. He's up by 7'ish am. Can't go back to sleep again, so I am forcing myself to get up too. No book to read. Alas. Breakfast; S did some good rice porridge (risgrynsgröt) that we eat with sugar, cinnamon and milk. Tastes of an early Christmas. Then coffee and a joint effort doing a crossword before taking a shower. Then off to the store to get some groceries. Having pasta (again..) with bolognaise and a salad for dinner today. Enough for us both to take to work on Monday. Then home to start on the bolognaise. Reading the Sunday paper. S going off to change his car tires to winter ditto's and going to the gym. Dinner. Coffee afterwards with cookies. Upstairs. Now at the present sitting by the computer. Having checked on facebook, my Outlook, my account on yahoo,
my webpage, my Xanga and my Blogspot. Also checked my favorite feeds. This takes quite some time. Will catch up on the news on the TV in a couple of minutes.

Guess it will be an early night! Night night!


Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

Mondays stink.

Personally? I think you're allergic to the gym. :-D

msta62 said...

Ha ha - you are too funny! But that is a thought... Could it be that easy???