September 23, 2008

Life happens...

I promise, my intention is to come here and write something witty & smart & funny & absolutely fabulous; but somehow when I actually get here, I don't really have the time to do just that, concentrate or whatever it is ... I come here, check the map and possible postings to my bloglines (thank you Cousin L) and then I start on something else. More fun reading your blog CL! Sorry! Sorry!

Oh, yes for those who are interested: Our Owl Mother is back in the tree! She comes and goes, so she might very well be back for another round of "babies" later on after all. Fun fun!

See you soon (I hope)!

September 09, 2008

September 02, 2008


Yesterdays problem with the transferral of the html-files was solved - Yay! Seemed like the firewall was blocking the ftp-program I am using. So all I had to do was to turn off the firewall during the time I transferred the missing file ... but so Annoying! But at least now I know where the problem lies. (i.e not me being the ignoramus!) I have experienced that at times Age - or whatever it is - doesn't agree with my brain, or vice versa! This time the problem wasn't me ...

Double "Yay!"

September 01, 2008

Back in business!

I am back at work - and I am not especially thrilled! This morning I got up at 05.50 am. A wee bit early even for me, as I don't have to be in until 07 am. But S got up at that time - and as I am already awake... Hey - and I do get some compensation time! Which is good! First day went without any major mishaps. A variety of things that had to be done today though - they do tend to "save it for M". Hm!!

I have had 2 x 2 weeks off and already looking forward to next summer. Nothing new about that.

This will be short - have to tamper with my website/ftp that doesn't do as I say! I know I will be busy the rest of the evening... Would love to take a class in website publishing! I do want all of my "oldies" out there - not just part of them... Keep your fingers crossed! It is sooooo annoying when it doesn't do what it's told, isn't it!