December 11, 2008

Sob II

I'm sure I'm suffering the dreaded "Scandinavian Winter Depression". There's no doubt in my mind. My very tired mind. Everyone heard about it? Well, it's a documented fact (?) that with the minimal light up here in the Scandinavian countries, the suicide rates sky rocket during the winter period. No, no chance/risk of that here, rest assured - but a monumental mood & body fatigue as well as frequent colds are becoming more and more evident in yours truly's case by the passing of the years.

Hate, hate & hate winter..

It only took me about 5 minutes to scrape the windowshields this morning. Less than you
CL. But still Pitch Black Out!

Here's a little something to try too lighten up my dismal mood...

Sorry about all the griping...And yes, I do love smiley's if you hadn't noticed.

I found this on another blog today - thought it purdy funny!!* Doesn't apply to all boys though... And please - don't attempt this at home!! It's not meant for y'all to take it literally. Ok? Good.

*Sorry - it's just one of those days...

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