July 28, 2008

July 22, 2008

Sommar & Sol - Snart!

This is my last week at work before the long awaited vacation begins next week. I am having two weeks off at first, then one week at work doing the wages and being on call for the fdptmt, then two weeks more of a hopefully lazy and recreational vacation. That's really all that I wish for. To destress - if that is an English word? If not - you're welcome to it! Free of charge. I feel quite charitable today with only three more days to go.

I know for a fact that we don't have to feel entirely abandoned and alone during the summer. Living on the west coast, with the blue ocean close by, small picturesque villages by the sea, all the boats - some small & some very big, the cliffs and islands out there and alot of pubs and events makes for a nice holiday for alot of people. We "locals" feel a bit overrun and overwhelmed by the summerguests at times. We call them "bad-djävlar" among ourselves, but, hush, don't tell anyone!! The prices on daily groceries and prices in general do increase in our local shops, for sure. That is something that really really really bugs us! Did I tell you that it really bugs us? Thought so! So there! It's out. At least the salesmen/shop keepers could be decent enought to set a price for them and then one price for us regulars. I don't think that is too much to ask! Is it? At least we pay our (local) taxes and pay for the services in this community, which they don't. And use! Oh, enough already. This is something that has been debated in the governement for a couple of years now. Hopefully they will do the right thing soon.*

Anyway, I hope to have a week off with my family in Jkpg this summer too! Hope that is do-able. Is it mom? Just checking if she is in here.
Hi mom?
Hi dad?
Then I just want to chill on the porch alot. Resting & Reading & Relaxing. This porch is such a lift for the entire house and I love it already! S is such a skilled carpenter! S started his vacation yesterday and he is tearing down the balcony and the front entrance as I write. This is the next project on our (ie read: his) renovating of the house. Will see if I recognize the front of the house when I get home. He is dedicated to the rebuilding of our oooold house. Ah, then we are going off on a trip to Öland, an island off the east coast. I have never been there so it will be nice to see if I like it as much as alot of people say they do. We will take our tent and camping gear with us - but I am praying for a hotel, cabin or such. I am not much for camping and the "rugged outdoor life" myself. I prefer ***** star if I get to choose. I'll even go for a hostel if it comes to that.

I love summer - did anyone miss that?

* This didn't sound too gripy did it? I am normally a pretty calm, reasonable and rational human being.
And to those who know me - stop that laughing!

July 08, 2008

Saved By A Telephone Call

Last afternoon I was saved by a telephone call.

A ton of freshly washed laundry to be folded and put away in the closets was the chore of the day. It smelled really good. Some of it had been left out to dry and had that nice smell of fresh air. Alot of laundry. I had put it off for the entire weekend. So I am not kidding about the magnitude of the task at hand. Then work called. One of the ff didn't show up for practice and they wondered if I could come. "Ja!" - of course. This was no regular practice APU. This summer the fire department has decided that we are going to campings and harbors to give information and to show off the trucks. Surprisingly quite alot of people showed up. First came the kids and then the adults. Quite alot of Norwegians. We get alot of them here as it is only about an hours ride to the boarder. It's always a bit awkward to be in the center of things, getting all the attention. But all went well and we returned to the fire station for some coffee.
Just imagine when the fire trucks looked like this picture.
"Swedens first motor fire-engine. Purchased by the town of Eskilstuna in 1902 from Justus Christian Braun in Nürnberg, Germany. It was driven by an electrical engine that had an operating range of about tvelwe miles at a top speed of 12 mph. Presented to the Museum of Eskilstuna in 1935, repainted in 1979 using the original colour scheme.Today it can be seen at Faktorimuseet in Eskilstuna, where this photo was taken by Zaphod on Februari 6, 2005. " (Text and Picture from Wikipedia)

July 02, 2008

Summer = Strawberries

This is a sure favorite with me! Fresh from the garden, eaten as a solitaire, or with plain milk or even one step better - with vanilla ice cream.
You can never go wrong having strawberries for dessert.