December 07, 2008

Birthday Cakes

These are the cakes I bought for my birthday on Thursday. No, this year I didn't make them myself, as the "big" day was on a Thursday, a workday. No time... and stress doesn't agree with me anymore!

First the "Real Cake". This is called a "FrukttÄrta" - a "Fruitcake" - yes I know that is something entirely different in the English language, but it is good!

But this is my favorite, with satsuma's in it. The "Budapestrulle" - a "Budapest role".


Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

What are satsumas? They both look wonderful!

I had to laugh at your description of rice porridge. That was the only way my grandmother knew how to use rice. When my hubby, the king of dinners served over hot rice, suggested that we have some savory dish with a side of rice, I was aghast. It was then that I learned that there was life after rice porridge.

msta62 said...

Ah sort of mandarines, but without the pit inside. The smell of it takes me to Christmas time in a whiffy, yumm.. Love rice porridge. So you've had it with milk, sugar and cinnamon then???? I'll have some tonight if there's any left when I get home!!