March 31, 2008

Are Swedes really that normal?

An Englishman in Sweden...
I think..... No comments! :-)

Pretty fun read!

March 28, 2008

Happy Birthday - the sequel!

Have a good day today!

on the 26th...

on the 25th....

March is quite a popular birth month in our family!

Happy Birthday!

The cake is in the fridge!

March 20, 2008

Glad Påsk!

Today is Maundy Thursday, half day for most laborers in Sweden. Tomorrow is Good Friday, a day off for most, and then we have Easter. Can't say I remember ever learning the phrase "Maundy Thursday" - but I am sure my English teachers would nod their heads affermatively.

Had such a nice surprise yesterday. Have been home sick this week and didn't go out to get the mail in the mailbox in the morning. S came home and took it in in the afternoon. He said "You've got mail"! That could mean two different things these days. When I was younger it meant that I had had a "regular" mail in the mailbox - a handwritten letter written with a pen or pencil - when today it means that you have an e-mail in your computer. Don't you agree? I so loved recieving those "regular" letters. On the other hand today you can keep in touch so much easier/faster by e-mail. You don't have to go week after week waiting for the mailman anymore. Yippeee!

So THANK YOU cousin L!
HAPPY EASTER to you and your family!
HAPPY EASTER to all of us!

March 05, 2008

I am Swedish, you know!

Just a quick clarification:
Please don't think me ignorant for obvious (to you) mistakes in the English language.
This is not my primary language. Please feel free to correct me (I do want you to), but at the same time concider my disadvantage!

I am using the very useful site when there is a word I just don't know or something I can't for my life recall. With age facts seem to get stored further and further away in the brain or the memory capacity might actually be somewhat reduced. Don't know exactly which one applies to me... Maybe a bit of both. This is the moment you have to start to rely on "post-it notes". Personally I buy them by the dozen. My desk at work is really colorful. There are pink, yellow and orange post-it notes everywhere in my office. It all looks very colorful and bright.

Might add that nobody has been questioning my English - yet. I guess I am a bit self conscious of my lack of certain phrasing and structure of the British/American English.

I was schooled in the British English way of writing and talking and then at 17 I spent a year in Texas.... Going from a "proper" English accent to the Texan drawl. Go figure!
Telling you this, you might understand the ambivalence of it all!