November 30, 2008

The First of Advent

We've had a not so good weekend over here. Why? Well, this is what has happened:

My S's son had quite a serious accident, he crashed with his car. They (the fire brigade - and our friends...) had to get him out using the jaws of life, and cutting the roof of the car off. He was rushed into the hospital. Turned out he has broken one of his arms, both bones in the lower arm are off. They are operating this injury today. Hopefully. He also has a fracture in the bone under his eyes as well as the eye socket was shattered. This operation they will do this coming week. He also looks like he has gone 9 rounds in the boxing ring, at least. But things could have been so much worse! This will heal thankfully. This has been quite a tough lesson in life for him...

It has also been the first Sunday in Advent here. I have put up all my lights in the windows. This is a nice time of year, although cold & dark, because of all the lights in everyones windows. This is what they look like. We place these on our windowsills.

Then we put Christmas Stars in our windows:

And this is what we have on our kitchen table. We light one candle every Sunday until the Sunday before Christmas.

November 27, 2008

Turkey Time!

Students Today

Children, or rather "young adults", students, the age 15 or so. I am not sure that I know how their minds work nowadays. Back in time when yours truly were their age - we never threatened our teachers verbally or in writing. Certainly not threatened someone to their life. At least not where I grew up.

A very good friend of mine is in this horrid situation now.

My friend is a teacher. Not born in any of the Scandinavian countries. The prettiest little thing you'd ever see; petit with black hair. As sweet and friendly as can be. You name it. Now some of her students have threatened to kill her. Just because she didn't give one of them a passing grade. This person obviously didn't deserve to pass. It's not that she would randomly pass grades hither and thither. That's not how it is done here. But. Nevertheless. She was threatened to her life. What amazes me is that she had to ask the principal that these persons didn't come to her class anymore. Duh!! Would think they were sent home. Period. But no, that is not how it's done here.

In this country today a teacher can't tell a student who is misbehaving in class to leave the classroom. Read that again and ponder this! The student can misbehave: for instance talk on the cell phone, whistle, talk to his/her buddies and generally make an ass of him-/herself etc etc - but the teacher is still not allowed to make him/her leave the classroom.

I'm glad that I'm old(-ish) and don't have to go to school anymore! And I'm thankful for not being a teacher....

November 17, 2008


A week off.
Getting pampered by the family.
Sleeping in & fed.
Weekend with friends in Stockholm. Great seeing them after the longest time.
Shopping in the big City...

Back to the Real World on Thursday. Aaawwww...

November 08, 2008


That's what my computer says: "Quack". Even the Web-dept. says so. "Quack" and then off to some Jumbo Jet Airplane sounds. At that point I shut the computer down. OR I take whatever I'm currently working on with me into the dept. kitchen. To work in comparatively peace & quiet. Not possible if I have to use the computer. No.

"Quack - it sounds like you have Donald Duck in here" she said, the very helpful lady from the Web dept. It did. Unfortunately when she was there she never got to hear the Jumbo Jet Airplane take off from my office. Only the quacking noice. Typical. But she agreed that something had to be done. We are now waiting for a new box for the net/electricity to come. I think that will do the trick.

She sounded real funny when she said "Hey M, you've got Donald Duck in here!"

November 06, 2008

Evasive ancestor alt. My no 1 Brick Wall

I am doing a rerun on this entry. Maybe persistence will finally get me some results?
This is a man who has evaded me for years...

"Desperately Seeking":

If you have any info on this man - I'd be eternally greatful. He was born in Skaraborg, Sweden on Oct 19, 1865. He departed from Gothenburg, Sweden, to the US (Chicago, Ill.) on March 27, 1891 and touched American soil on April 13, 1891.

According to the picture above he would at least have been to Chicago, for the picture to be taken. His brother Johan Simon (Gustafsson) Wallin went to search for him in 1895. Without any luck in finding him. This is according to my grandmother, who has provided this information.

By the way - Oscar/Oskar is my maternal great grandfather's brother. That would be my maternal grandmother's paternal uncle. Whichever is easiest.

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